Volume:9, Issue: 2

Sep. 30, 2017

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Great Russian Humanistic Educator and Futurologist – Prince Vladimir F. Odoevsky
Boguslavsky, Mikhail V. [about]
Russian educators are well aware of different books written by Odoevsky, such as e.g., “A Town in the Snuffbox”, a model of an encyclopedia for children, or “Moroz Ivanovich”, a wonderful example of a cognitive and developing fairytale, written in a poetic language. The latter is considered a classic sample of Russian children’s literature. However, other sides of Odoevsky’s activities and writings are less known to educators and wide public today. A famous educational enlightener Vladimir Fedorovich Odoevsky (1804-1869) was richly talented, and the sphere of his interests is quite impressive. He was a public figure, a statesman, a philosopher and a futurologist, a publisher and a censor, a bibliographer, a fairytales’ creator, an author of science fiction and mysteries, a talented musician, a music critic, a chemist, an electrician, and even, a chef.

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